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Ceramic Bakhoor Burner with Metal Burning Bowl

Diameter: 5 inches  Height:  8 1/2 inches

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Ceramic Bakhoor Burner (Mabkhara) for burning traditional Bakhoor and Resin Incense.  Use this beautiful bakhoor burner with all types of resin incense, Bakhoor, agar-wood, cone, and charcoal incenses. Adorned with Rhinestone accents and lots of sparkle!  Place charcoal disk or incense in the metal burning bowl, and safely burn your favorite fragrance.  Because ceramic burner design has a wide base, it will provide a stable container for your incense.  Charcoal disk fits perfectly in brass burning bowl.  Large size – Diameter: 5 inches  Height:  8 1/2 inches  Perfect for gift giving.  Imported.

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Gold with Golden Sparkles


Diameter: 5 inches  Height:  8 1/2 inches