Kid's Prayer Rugs

Alhannah’s Kids’ Prayer Rugs are available in the same great quality as our adult prayer rugs– but come in “pint sizes.” 

Smaller child size prayer rugs are easier for young children to carry and position facing Al-Kaaba without the need for an adult’s help and helps to build a child’s confidence.  As with our adult prayer rugs, our kids’ prayer mats are imported from throughout the Islamic World.  We only stock quality Children’s Turkish prayer rugs, as well as other well-made styles.   Included in our Kids’ Prayer Rug collection – is a wide variety of prints & colors – and  quality grades from standard to superior–just like our Adult Prayer Rugs, but smaller!  These prayer rugs will surely make a perfect gift for a small child learning how to pray.  We only stock quality made items – so you can be assured that you will receive a product you are pleased with.

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