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Roll of 10 Discs!

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10-pack of Self Lighting Charcoal Discs.  Burn your favorite bakhour, Resin Incense or light your Hookah easily on these self lighting charcoal tablets. They light instantly and burn without fumes or foul odors.

Use Instructions:

To Light:  Place disc in burner, or a heat-proof disc. Light the edge of disc with match or lighter. Once ignited, tablet should be left to burn out.  CAUTION: This product lights instantly.

To Extinguish:  Dump tablet from burner into a container (non-plastic) of hot water.

WARNING: Do not handle the tablet once it has been lit.

Additional information

Weight.25 lbs

Roll of 10 Charcoal Discs

Safety Warning:

Use with Caution – Please do not leave unattended while in use. Keep children and animals away.

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Self Lighting Charcoal Discs | in229