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Instructions: To use simply pull or twist the desired amount off of the bar. Start with a small amount (about an eighth to a quarter of the pack) until you are comfortable and feel you have mastered the “art” of sugar waxing. Once you’ve twisted off the desired amount of wax, store the rest for later use. You are ready to begin!! It is suggested that you alternately roll and pull the wax between your hands-in a fashion similar to pulling taffy. Once the wax begins to become pliable you will notice a change of color from a clear honey brown to a shiny paler, shade of tan. It usually takes several minutes of rolling and pulling on the wax ball before it is ready for use. You will know the wax is ready for use because it will be soft and pliable. Once you are ready to begin, slightly flatten the piece between your palms and then place it over the hair you wish to remove. (We suggest you practice on your forearm until you become good at waxing.) Now spread or flatten the wax “pancake” from the center towards the outer edges until it thins out somewhat and sticks to the skin. Let the wax sit for a moment (not too long) just a few seconds until it catches the hairs, and then pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. It’s that easy! Once you pull the wax piece off your skin re-roll it in to a ball repeat the process over and over. If some wax sticks to your skin just roll the wax ball over it to catch the stray wax. If you find the wax becoming too warm and difficult to use put it in the freezer for a moment to harden it just a bit. Do not become frustrated if it takes a while to catch on since waxing really does work. If you find you have trouble with the technique feel free to contact our customer assistance and someone will gladly help you.

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