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Ordering Terms


Our primary place of business operation is within the State of Connecticut, United States of America. All orders & purchases are made within the State of Connecticut, and are subject to the laws and commercial regulations of the State of Connecticut.

All information provided to Al Hannah for an order or purchase is subject to verification.

We are a retail establishment; we do not offer wholesale pricing. Volume discount may be avaialble on certain items, subject to our discretion. Please contact for details. (Minimum order dollar value will apply. Assortment requirement applies. Contact us for details.)

Orders placed are subject to our Returns Policy.

Order Modification / Cancellation

Orders may be modified or canceled prior to transmittal to our warehouse facility. Once an order is forwarded to our warehouse facility or our shipping services, we may not be able to modify or cancel an order. We will make all reasonable effort to accommodate any request, however we are not able to guarantee modifications to orders sent for fulfillment. (* This is exclusive of contacts made by our company representatives by phone or e-mail during the order fulfillment process.)

Credit Cards

Orders paid by Credit Card should adhere to our Address Validation standards – which are dictated by card issuers (your bank). Orders without a proper billing address provided may be rejected and/or cancelled. (Billing Address is the address at which you receive your credit card statement.)

Orders paid by Credit Card may NOT ship across country lines (Payment using a card issued in a country other than your own. )


Shipping charges are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Order Shipment is subject to carrier limitations. We can not adjust parcels once in transit. Delivery times (2 day, 3 day) do not include the day the order was shipped/placed.

Shipments returned as “refused delivery” or “undeliverable” may be subject to actual shipp