Prayer Outfits

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Women’s Prayer Outfits are a convenient garment imported from the Middle East which is worn over clothing. The purpose of this garment is to turn street or house clothing into something suitable for prayer. Prayer outfits are generally medium to lightweight, and may be made from stretch fabric or from light weight woven cotton fabric. They are available in 1 piece and 2 piece sets that include a Khimar Style top and elastic skirt. The skirt on the 2 piece sets tend to be long and can be pulled up to the underarms to adjust the length if necessary. Prayer outfits are designed to be worn quickly and effortlessly. These are great to keep at home, in a tote, or in your car – so you can always have one ready to go at any time. These garments are one-size-fits-most, and may be longer than your height (*This is normal for this outfit.) Prayer Outfits are designed to be worn as an extra layer during the Muslim prayer. These garments are not intended to be worn as primary garments, but rather as an added layer over clothing. Be sure to check out our large assortment of Muslim Prayer Rugs and our beautiful collection of Tasbih Beads (Prayer Beads) too!

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