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Alhannah has had thousands of happy customers since we first opened in 1999.  Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers that we would like to share with you.  If you are already a  customer and would like to share your experience with Alhannah Islamic Clothing please  use our form to submit your own testimonial here!

Nishat Ahmed

As saalmu Alaykum
i have always had a very good experience with their service we have been customers for a couple years now never have we had any rude behavior or poor customer service its been the opposite the owner is a very decent Man Alhamdullila and very honest ....sells stuff way below the market rates ...i have got Abayas from other places double the amount of what Brother Ahmed sells at Alhannah .....
this year i got a few gifts for my family and one had a broken button and a thobe had some defect ...i exchanged after a week and had absolutely no problems i got an even more beautiful one than before Alhamdullila
May Allah swt bless everyone at Alhannah for practicing the sunnah of the Prophet Sal Allahu alaihi wassallam and doing Honest business, great discounts and sincerely managing the business
i will definitely keep going there and definitely recommend this place .....very nice people and they always give me discounts when i buy a lot of stuff despite the awesome very reasonable pricing .....
very well mannered kids they have too Masha Allah 😊

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Great Customer Service! Fast Delivery! I am very pleased with my order and will be shopping here again.

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love your store! I used to buy from here as a new convert and now several years later I am looking to purchase some things on your site again inshaAllah. 🌹


Your products are superb. I buy all my hijabs here as you have hard to find cotton and cotton blend ones. I also have bought two shalwar kameez and multiple jilbabs, and prayers rugs, oils and miscellaneous. I LOVE your stuff! The prices are fair and the quality is excellent. I got many compliments on the shalwar Kameez, and they are lovely light weight pure cotton lawn for summer. I have been shopping with you many years now and each year you get even better! Alhumdullilah!

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Always shop there love all they have.

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You have the most beautiful clothing and the most affordable prices!! I wish I could buy all of them ...but soon Insha Allah.

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Ramadan Karim. Just a note to say that the store has got top quality items and such constant variety: the new Prayer chador for wearing over clothing in hot weather is SUPER, and the hijabs and salwar kameez that I have recently purchased are lovely. I prefer cotton and cotton blends in summer: these items are simply beautiful and very comfortable.

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Assalaamu alaikum, Jazakallah for the items. i received them today and once again i am so so soooo very happy with everything. thank you, jazakallah, may Allah reward you for all your work.

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