Welcome to Alhannah Islamic Clothing

We have been an Islamic Clothing and Modest Fashion leader since 1999, so we know a thing or two about Muslim and Modest fashion and trends. We are the largest and oldest Muslim owned and operated American, eCommerce merchant of Islamic and Modest Clothing.   Our business is located in the USA and all of our orders ship from our warehouse in Broad Brook, Connecticut—no exceptions.  We have shipped our orders worldwide since 1999 and our customers come from nearly every country and reside on nearly every continent on the planet.  (Although we have not had an order from Antarctica—yet!)

We import Islamic and modest clothing from throughout the Muslim world from countries such as Jordan, Syria,* Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dubai, Kuwait, Turkey, Pakistan and more. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with good,  quality garments at the lowest prices possible.  (*Note:  Because of the conflict in Syria, our Syrian clothing may be imported from Syrian manufacturers who have temporarily relocated to Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  Insha Allah, the situation in Syria will improve soon.)

Our world class team of experts are friendly, knowledgeable, and always available to answer your questions. We have English and Arabic speaking staff.  Whether you’re a new Muslim, or planning a trip to Saudi Arabia or other Muslim country and unsure of what to wear, or you’re of another faith and just love our modest styles and low prices, give us a call—we are here to help.

As a Muslim run business, we are totally committed to ethical business practices. If you haven’t shopped with us yet, please give us a try. We welcome your business and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Shukran – Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!