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Hijab Underscarves are an essential addition to Hijabi wardrobes.  They keep the hijab in place and add a stylish touch to any outfit. These essential pieces come in many styles, each designed to meet different needs, preferences, and levels of coverage, while effectively multiplying your hijab style options.

The most popular styles of Hijab Underscarves are as follows:

Tube Underscarf (Tube Cap): This is a simple, stretchable tube of fabric that snugly covers the head and neck area. It’s easy to wear, excellent for securing hair, and prevents the hijab fabric from slipping, acting like a large hairband to maintain the hijab’s position throughout the day.

Full Underscarf (Full Cap): Offering complete coverage of the head, this snug-fitting cap ensures no hair is visible, providing a textured surface on which the hijab can rest securely. It’s perfect for those who prefer full coverage and seek to keep every strand of hair neatly tucked away.

Tie-Back Bonnet: This adjustable accessory features ties at the back, allowing for a custom fit. It’s ideal for securing hair, offering customizable tightness for comfort, and providing a convenient pinning area for those who use straight pins to secure their hijab.

Ninja Underscarf: For those seeking maximum coverage, the ninja underscarf extends down to cover the neck and sometimes the upper chest, offering an opaque layer beneath transparent or sheer hijabs. It’s a versatile choice for ensuring full modesty.

Headband Style: Primarily focused on covering the front hairline, this style is not about securing hair but adding a fashionable layer. It’s perfect for those looking to create a layered hijab look or to use with volumizing accessories, sometimes featuring embellished patterns to enhance the overall style.

Cross-Front Underscarf: Adding a unique touch with its cross-over design at the front, this style combines functionality with fashion. It offers coverage while elevating the aesthetic appeal of your hijab, making it a popular choice for those who value both style and modesty.

Open Undercap: Best suited for individuals with long hair, this variant is similar to the full underscarf but includes an opening at the back. It allows for the hair to hang freely or be styled into a low bun or ponytail, offering flexibility and comfort.

Jersey Underscarf: Crafted from stretchable jersey material, these underscarves are soft, comfortable, and adaptable to various head sizes, ensuring your hijab stays in place without slipping.

Satin/Silk Underscarves: Designed to minimize friction and prevent hair breakage, these soft and smooth underscarves are essential for maintaining healthy hair under the hijab. They offer a luxurious feel while providing the practical benefit of hair protection.

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