Prayer Rugs

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Prayer Rugs that are Plush, Beautiful and Affordable.

We stock a huge assortment of deluxe Prayer Rugs, including Premium Turkish styles.

Islamic Prayer rugs which are also known as “Musalla” or “Sajjadah,” provide a clean and designated place for Muslims to perform the 5 daily prayers.

Muslim Praying mats come in different sizes, including “Single Person Rugs”, “Extra Tall” Rugs, “Kids Rugs” and Multi-Person Rugs.  Be sure to choose a prayer rug that is large enough to accommodate your prayer movements and has a non-slip backing to prevent it from sliding during use.

Some people prefer a style with a design or pattern that is meaningful to them either personally, or culturally. Others prefer plain or solid designs to avoid being distracted during the salat. Whatever style you prefer, Alhannah is sure you will find a style that will suit your taste and fit your budget.

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