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Medium Bakhoor Burner – Solid Wood with Brass Burning Bowl

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Wood Bakhoor Burner or Mabkhara – For burning Arabian Bakhoor and Resin Incense. Mabkhara is used to safely burn any type of resin incense, Bakhoor, agar-wood, cone, and charcoal incenses.  Place an easy light charcoal disk or cone incense in the solid brass burning bowl, and safely burn your favorite fragrance.  Traditional solid wood design is heavy and has a wide base which provides a stable container for your incense. Brass bowl perfectly fits a charcoal disk with room on the sides to remove with ease.  Medium size – Height: 6 inches and Diameter is 4.5 inches.  Imported

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Weight .75 lbs

Natural Stained Wood with Brass Burning Bowl


Height: 6 inches and Diameter is 4.5 inches