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Qibla Compass | II1200

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Includes instructions in both English and Arabic.

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Qibla Compass – Find the direction of Al-Kaaba with this handy Qibla compass.  Eliminates the need to rely on cell phone or computer to find the direction to pray. This well made compass includes instructions in both English and Arabic, as well as a convenient plastic carrying pouch.  Small enough to fit in your pocket, yet large enough to read.  Makes a great gift!!   Imported from Japan.

How to Use your Qibla Compass – Instructions: 

1. First, place the compass on a stable level surface, such as a table or the ground close to where you are going to pray.  (Avoid placing your compass near magnets or iron objects which could interfere with the magnetic field and cause an inaccurate reading.)

2. Slide the white button on the side of the compass to the left, in order to unlock the green tipped compass needle.  The green tipped compass needle should begin to spin freely.

3. Next use the included instruction booklet to locate the city nearest to your location.  (For example – if you are in Springfield Massachusetts, select the city of Boston and use the corresponding number for Boston which is “32”)  Once you have your location’s number, turn the compass around until the green tipped needle lines up with the number corresponding with the city nearest to your location.  (In our example we would turn the compass until the the green tipped needle lines up with the number “32” which is the number for Boston.)  

4. When the green tipped compass needle has stopped moving and is pointing towards your city’s number, then the stationary Silver Arrow that is stamped on the face of the compass will be pointing towards the Qibla.  You should pray facing the same direction that the Stationary Silver Arrow is pointing towards.

Troubleshooting – If the green tipped arrow does not stop moving check that it is on a level surface and check that there are no magnetic objects near.  (Call for assistance if you are not sure how to read your Qibla finder compass.)

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