Power Blue Lace Abaya | AB735

Women's Size Guide

Alhannah's Islamic Clothing size guide for Women's Islamic Clothing. Use the Charts below to determine which size will fit your body by measuring yourself.
Important Notes:

Garment and Body Measurement - The measurements below refer to your own body measurements, any measurements on the product page refer to the actual garment measurements - it's important not to mistake the two.

In-Between Sizes - Sizes that fall in between two letters sizes are know as "In-Between Sizes". An example of such a size is M/L or Medium-Large, this size falls in between Medium and Large, as such it's a more loosely fitting size medium.

Tag sizes - If a size selection says "Tag size" this refers to the size that will appear on the garment by the manufacturer.

Single Number Sizes - If the only info you have regarding the size of an item is a single number, this number is usually the Bust measurement of the garment.

Side Note: The first two charts are for measuring your Bust and Hips (the first is in inches and the second is in centimeters). The third chart is for determining a proper dress Length. Scroll to the bottom for info on how to measure yourself

Women's Size Guide:
(scroll down for centimeter chart)

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Size LetterYour Bust (in)Your Waist (in)Your Hips (in)
XS 29-31  22-24  31-33 
S 32-34  25-27  34-36 
M 35-37  28-30  37-39 
L 38-40  31-33  40-42 
XL 41-43  34-36  43-45 
2XL 44-46  37-39  46-48 
3XL 47-49  40-42  49-51 
4XL 50-54  43-45  52-54 
5XL 55-58  46-48  55-57 
6XL 59-62  49-51  58-60 

Size LetterYour Bust (cm)Your Waist (cm)Your Hips (cm)
XS 74-78  56-61  79-84 
S 79-86  64-69  86-91 
M 89-94  71-76  94-99 
L 97-102  79-84  102-107 
XL 104-109  86-91  109-114 
2XL 112-117  94-99  117-122 
3XL 119-124  102-107  124-130 
4XL 127-137  110-114  132-138 
5XL 140-147  117-122  140-145 
6XL 150-157  125-130  148-153 

Your HeightGarment Length
 4'10" or 147cm 50in or 127cm
 5'0" or 152cm 52in or 132cm
 5'2" or 157cm 54in or 137cm
 5'4" or 163cm 56in or 142cm
 5'6" or 168cm 58in or 147cm
 5'8" or 173cm 60in or 152cm
 5'10" or 178cm 62in or 157cm
 6'0" or 183cm 64in or 163cm
 6'2" or 188cm 66in or 168cm

Alhannah Womens size guide imageBody Measurements: Measure your body and choose the size that most closely matches your measurements.

Bust: With arms at sides, place tape measure under your arms and run it around the fullest part of your Bust and across the shoulder blades.

Waist: Find the natural crease of your waist by bending to one side. Run tape measure around your natural waistline, keeping one finger between the tape and your body for a comfortable fit.

Hips: With feet together, run tape measure around the fullest part of your hips/seat, about 7 to 8 inches below your waistline.

Head: Push tape measure against forehead and run along the sides of your head until you return to the starting point

Power Blue Lace Abaya | AB735

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Size Guide

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  • Gorgeous Floral Lace Lining along opening and cuffs
  • Buttons to partially close the Abaya
  • Comes in “Power-Blue” color
  • Comes with Belt

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