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Miswak comes in individually vacuum sealed package.

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Miswak Al-Falah are premium quality sewak sticks available in natural flavor.  To retain their freshness, each miswak stick comes in a sanitary vacuum sealed package. These all natural tooth brushes are made from the Salvadora Persica tree (known as arāk, أراك, in Arabic.) By peeling the end and chewing on it the miswak transforms into natures toothbrush! Sewak is sometimes referred to as the forgotten Sunnah. In Islamic Tradition, the Prophet Muhammad (عليه السلام) said: But for my fear that it would be hard for my followers, I would have ordered them to clean their teeth with Sewak on every performance of ablution. Narrated by Abu Huraira (Miswak can be used in conjunction with a standard toothbrush if desired.) If you have never used a miswak, try it for a month–you will not be disappointed. Sewak Al Falah brand Miswak are an excellent choice for those who prefer a product with a milder fragrance than is associated with many brands.

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