Deluxe Quran Reading Pen and Islamic Library ii998


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This digital Quran Reader is perfect for learning Quran recitation. With a touch of a button the reader will recite any verse, Surah, or page of the included Quran copy. Very easy to use – just touch a page number, Surah title or verse number – and the reader will read the selected line. Features 21 different recitations as well as 24 different interpreation languages. This reader also includes Tafsir, Duaa from Hadith & Quran, multiple Hadith libraries, a talking dictionary, and more. Includes a Quran with traditional Arabic text, USB Text, Charger, Pen reader, Supplimentary Books, and Headphones. Imported.

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  • Full Quran Recitation & Transliteration/Interpretation
  • 23 Transliteration/Interpretation Languages
  • 21 Different Recitations
  • Quran Tafsir
  • Multiple Hadith Libraries
  • Duaa from Hadith & Quran
  • Hisnul Muslim
  • Asmah Al-Husna 99 Names
  • Talking Dictionary
  • Languages: Arabic, English, Malaysian, Uyghur, Farsi, Turkish, Kurdish, Russian, Uzbek, Urdu, Chinese, Melayu, Spanish, German, Kazakh, Dari, Pashto, French, Kyrgyz, Thai, Tamil, Bengali, Somali, Marathi

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