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Argan and Mogongo Soap – Halal and vegetarian ingredients.

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Argan and Mogongo Soap – Argan & Mongongo but oils are high in fat, protein, calcium and vitamin E making them an ideal moisturizer to hydrate and soften skin. Argan Oil is a valuable anti-oxidant which prevents damage from pollution and the sun as it fights free radicals and helps remove the damaged cells and help the regrowth of new skin cells. Mongongo Oil is highly emollient oil that hydrates, regenerates and restructures skin cells while reducing inflammation and redness. Due to the presences of eleostearic acid it reacts rapidly with UV light producing a skin protecting film.  Halal and vegetarian ingredients.

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Weight.5 lbs

3.5 oz Bar

Skin Type

Normal, combination and dry skin.

Argan and Mogongo Soap | Madina GI928