Al Rehab Saudi Room Air Freshener in220



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Unique and exotic Room Air Fresheners make the perfect gift! The same quality fragrance as the Saudi perfume oils. The large spray container works just like traditional air fresheners – but with the high quality scents from Al Rehab. Imported from Saudi Arabia. Manufactured by Al Rehab Company in Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates. 300mL Aerosol can (no CFCs.) Available in a wide variety of fragrances including the following:

    • Aroosah – Woody Floral fragrance


    • Aseel – Pleasant Light Musk fragrance


    • Bakhour . Lovely woody fragrance


    • Balkis . Sweet, soft, floral musk Blend


    • Istanbul Rose – Rich Fragrant Rose


    • Khaliji – Spicy Floral Fragrance


    • Oud – Pleasant woody masculine fragrance


    • Red rose – Soft Pure Rose fragrance


    • Shatha – Spicy floral fragrance


    • Silver – Pleasant light citrus fragrance


    • Sultana – Light woody fragrance.


Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs

Aseel, Aroosah, Bakhour, Balkis, Istanbul Rose, Khaliji, Oud, Red Rose, Shatha, Silver, Sultana