80 Degrees Turistik Cologne | PEREJA IN295


Used as freshener and Hand Sanitizer – Contains Alcohol

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80 Degrees Turistik Cologne by Pereja – This is the traditional Lemon scented cologne found in Turkey.  It is also referred to as “Limon Kolonyasi”  in Turkey.   It is a multi purpose product that has many uses.  The product is commonly used by Turkish men as a cologne and aftershave.  However, it is also used to wash hands and as a scented disinfectant, since this product does contain alcohol.  It can be used as a refreshing cleansing wipe to use in the kitchen or bathroom to clean and freshen for guests.   Has a fresh lemon scent and comes in a large 750 ml bottle.  Imported from Turkey.  Contains Alcohol

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Weight2 lbs

Fresh Lemon Scent.


15.21 Oz / 450 ml Bottle

80 Degrees Turistik Cologne
80 Degrees Turistik Cologne | PEREJA IN295