Wood Tasbih with 99 Beads | ii1254


Classic Black Wood Tasbih with 99 beads.

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Wood Tasbih with 99 Beads – This Classic Black Wood Tasbih is perfect for those seeking a traditional set of beads.  Tasbih is approximately 14 inches long, not including beaded tassel at the end.  This classic Dhikr Bead set has 99 beads, as well as a side tassel with 10 counting beads.  The counting or tally beads keep track of how many times you have completed dhikr on all 99 beads.  The smooth wood beads are slightly smaller at just under 2/8 inch in diameter and are excellent for those with smaller hands.

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99 Beads

Wood Tasbih Beads 99 Beads
Wood Tasbih with 99 Beads | ii1254