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The Splendid Pearl In Knowing the Muslim’s Individual Obligations – Arabic with side by side English Translation

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The Splendid Pearl In Knowing the Muslim’s Individual Obligations  – (Excerpt from Back Cover) This book is a graceful brief that covers that which is necessary for every Muslim to know of the individual Obligations within the pillars of religion. Belief, Jurisprudence, and Purification that were mentioned in Prophetic Hadith of Jebrael (alayhis-salaam) that is well known as Islam, Iman, and Excellence.  The approved belief is the Belief of Ahl-us-Sunna Wal-Jamma’ah. The Jurisprudence Rulings is based on Shafi’i School of Thought. The Obligations of the Heart, as well as the Disobedient Acts of the Extremities as Repentance, are based on that which is agreed upon within the circle of the Scholars of Islamic Spiritual Purification and Education.



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Imadudden Abu Hijleh

Translated by:

Abdel-Hafed H. Abuseini