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Sultan Sarmasi Hindistan CevizliTurkish Sultan Wraps with Coconut and Hazelnut Paste – All ingredients Halal.

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Sultan Sarmasi Hindistan Cevizli – These delightful Turkish treats are truly amazing!  We are sure you will agree that Turkish Sultan Wraps with Coconut are like no other treat you have encountered.  Sultan wraps are made with a dried Mulberry fruit wrap which surrounding a delicious hazelnut paste and encrusted with a delicious coconut dusting.  Imported from Turkey.  All ingredients are Halal.



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Weight .88 lbs

12.30 Ounces / 351 Grams


Honey, Milk, Mulberry, Sugar, Wheat, Flour, Hazelnut and Coconut.

Allergen Warning:

Contains Wheat, Gluten, Dairy and Tree Nuts.