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Jordanian Embroidered Pants Suit. These popular pants suits combine the comfort and ease of a salwar kameez with the full coverage of a Jordanian Jilbab. Matching pants have a comfortable elasticized waistband. Trimmed with a modest yet stylish embroidery pattern on the top. Decorative buttons provide closure for this outfit’s top. Available In : Mint, Desert Rose, Olive, and Mahogany. Fabric is a soft all weather premium Polyester. Imported from Jordan.

Garment Measurements

  • Size S/M
    • Bust: 46
    • Hip: 48
    • Length: 46
  • Size L
    • Bust: 48
    • Hip: 50
    • Length: 48
  • Size XL
    • Bust: 50
    • Hip: 52
    • Length: 50

Additional information

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