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Nail Henna by Reemas in a convenient applicator tube is Halal – Won’t  interfere with wudu, unlike commercial nail polish!

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Nail Henna by Reemas- Nail henna is the traditional way to color finger and toe nails without worrying how you are going to perform wudu or weather those new “water permeable” nail polishes really allow wudu to be performed properly.  Nail henna is a halal alternative to commercial nail polish.  The color lasts longer than nail polish and won’t chip.  Try it and you’ll have to agree that nail henna is a better alternative to nail polish!!  Reemas Nail Henna comes in a convenient and easy to use finger sized tube. Perfect for coloring nails or even entire finger tips if you like!  Stains to a dark orange/red in about an hour.  leave it on a little longer for a darker stain. This unique item is great for gift giving or party favors!! Made in Pakistan.


Additional information

Weight .13 lbs

Natural Henna


approx. 1.5 oz of henna

Nail Henna - Reemas Brand
Nail Henna – Reemas Brand | ac319