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Henna Oil – Meso Brand Mahalabiya Oil – 20 ml. / approx. 0.68 oz

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Henna Oil – Meso Brand Mahalabiya Oil is an essential oil with a pine oil base.   Mahalabiya is added to henna paste, in order to help release the natural dyes of the henna.  Typically, Mahalabiya oil is added to henna paste just prior to use, to help darken the color of henna on the skin.  Alternately, the Mahalabiya oil can be rubbed onto the hands or feet prior to applying henna.  Henna will last longer, and stain darker with the aid of the Mahalabiya oil. 1 bottle will treat up to 100g of dry henna when mixed directly into henna paste.  Contains lemon & natural oils.   20 mL bottle. Imported from India.

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Weight.2 lbs

20 ml. / approx. 0.68 oz