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A very affordable, quality made men’s embroidered salwar kameez available in a wide selection of colors. Embroidery on the neck and down the front of the kameez (shirt.) Fabric is a soft poly/rayon blend. Imported from India. Available in sizes medium, large and x-large (see measurements on inside page.) Colors available include: (A) Chocolate, (B) Olive, (C) Black, (D) Maroon, (E) White, (F) Khaki, (G) Navy, (H) Tan, (I) Ivory, (J) Grey, (K) Pale Blue and (L) Pale Green. Also available in Pale Olive and Dark Pine (not shown.) Embroidery may vary slightly from picture.


  • Size 40 (Medium)
    • Chest: 48 inches
    • Kameez (shirt) Length: 41 inches
  • Size 42 (Large)
    • Chest: 50 inches
    • Kameez (shirt) Length: 43 inches
  • Size 44 (XL)
    • Chest: 54 inches
    • Kameez (shirt) Length: 45 inches
  • Size 46 (2X)
    • Chest: 56 inches
    • Kameez (shirt) Length: 47 inches
  • Size 48 (3X)
    • Chest: 58 inches
    • Kameez (shirt) Length: 49 inches
  • Size 50 (4X)
    • Chest: 60 inches
    • Kameez (shirt) Length: 50 inches

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