Bukhoor Hayaati Women by Al Khayam Zafron | GI1048


Bar style Arabian Bakhoor – Oud, Fragrance, Musk and Sandal, along with delicate floral notes.

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Bukhoor Hayaati by Al Khayam Zafron – Bukhoor Hayaati Women Bar style Arabian Bakhoor is an aromatic blend of Oud, Musk and Sandal, along with delicate floral notes.   This traditional style bakhoor bar has 6 segments which can be broken apart for burning.  Can be crushed into powder and burnt on a charcoal disk.  Works perfectly with any of our Bakhoor Burners which use charcoal disks.   Charcoal Disks are sold separately.  Great for gift giving! Hayaati Bukhoor is Imported from Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)


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Weight.19 lbs

40 Gram Bar Segmented into 6 sections.


Oud Powder, Musk , Sandal Powder and Perfume.

Safety Warning:

Use with Caution – Please do not leave unattended while in use. Keep children and animals away.