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Genuine, alcohol-free Saudi roll-on perfume oils by “Al-Rehab.” A little of these concentrated perfumed oils goes a long way. Available in a wide variety of fragrances including: (A) Fruit, (B) Jasmine, (C) Roses, (D) Dehn Al-Oud, (E) Oudy, (F) Al-Naeem and (G) Sandal Rose. Also available in Bakhour, Shaikhah, Randa and Susan fragrances (not pictured.) Bakhour is the same lovely woody fragrance commonly burnt as an oil, Shaikhah is an exotic woody fragrance with floral undernotes, Randa is an intriguing spicy Oriental and Susan is an Oriental Floral Bouquet. Makes a great gift!! Imported from Saudi Arabia. Jasmine fragrence is made by Ahlan Perfumes U.A.E. Boxes sometimes vary from those in photo.


  • (A) Fruit is a gentle fruity fragrance
  • (B) Jasmine is a rich, fresh jasmine fragrance
  • (C) Roses is a very concentrated rose aroma
  • (D) Dehn Al-Oud is a masculine woody fragrance
  • (E) Oudy is a more subtle, yet masculine woody fragrance
  • (F) Al-Naeem is a fresh fragrent oriental bouquet
  • (G) Sandal Rose is a lighter rose bouquet

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Oudy, Jasmine (or Full Flower), Dehn Al Oud, Sandal Rose, Deema, Asrar, Ubar, Saira, Shaikhah


8 ml