Al Karam Floral Embroidered Pull Over Abaya ab537

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This elegant Abaya combines traditional Arabic embroidery, high quality Japanese Georgette fabric, and Al Karam quality. Decorated with elaborate floral embroidery, this outfit is great for wear in all seasons of the year – and special occasions. Elaborate high-quality multicolor floral embroidery designs cover the front, waist, and sleeves of this style. The soft, comfortable, and breathable Japanese Georgette fabric makes this outfit extremely comfortable in all weather. Accented with a slight touch of sparkling beaded details. Available in your choice of Gold, Turquoise, or Silver embroidery. Made in Jordan, Japanese Georgette Polyester.

  • Size XXS
    • Bust: 40
    • Hips: 48
    • Length: 58
  • Size XS-S
    • Bust: 44
    • Hips: 46
    • Length: 58
  • Size XL-2XL
    • Bust: 52
    • Hips: 54
    • Length: 58
  • Size 3XL
    • Bust: 54
    • Hips: 56
    • Length: 58
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    Weight 2.0 lbs

    Silver, Tan