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International Customers

Placing an international order

We gladly accept international orders. Place your order in the same form that domestic orders use. Fill in the form as completely as possible. If a field does not apply, then place the value “NA” in the field. Numeric fields require a numeral in the field – you may place the value “NA-0” in a numeric field if it does not apply. Please be sure to provide your country, as well as telephone number and e-mail address.

Please note that certain services such as COD and Priority Mail are not available to international customers. All international customers will be charged an additional fee for international shipping. International customers will be notified of additional shipping fees (unless we are instructed otherwise) prior to shipment of order. Overseas customers with APO or US Possession addresses are *NOT* considered international customers and are charged the same shipping rates as domestic orders. All prices are in US Dollars.

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