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Information Security Policies

When you shop with AlHannah, you’re shopping secure.

At AlHannah, we take the security of your personal and financial information very seriously. For this reason, we adhere to extremely strict security controls. We also have implemented Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) throughout our networks and computer systems. Our systems are scanned both internally, and externally by a third-party PCI Security vendor. All information you provide to Al Hannah is handled and stored with extreme care, and with some of the highest levels of data security available today.

Unlike other companies, Al Hannah does not outsource or offshore any of your personal data, or any data handling procedures. All of your personal information is transmitted and secured within the United States. Because we keep all of our information within our main office, we are able to implement extremely strict security controls. All processing and handling of your personal information must adhere to our strict in-house security & privacy policies. By keeping our data close, we elimintate many layers of risk involved with the handling of your personal information.

Third Party Verification
Our business identity and security has been third-party verified. This process is in addtion to our internal securty and required security practice. Because we are third party verified, you can be ensured that our security policy is up to industry standard. This also ensures our customers that our statements in regard to our security policies are true and authentic. You can click our verification logo to check our security compliance & third-party verification status at any time.

Electronic Data Security
Our site supports SSL 3.0 (AES256/DES/RSA) Data Security, which is the highest security level supported by web browsers. We also adhere to the PCI-DSS standard, which ensures that our system will ensure sure your personal information is transmitted securely to us. We also have Professional Corporate-grade security monitoring done regularly on our equipment & network. Your data is extremely safe when sent to Al Hannah. Our systems, online and offline, are all professionally monitored 24/7/365 to ensure a constant level high data security.

Data Security Monitoring
Due to the nature of our website, we are required to adhere to strict security standards, including 24/7/365 monitoring by our own dedicated security staff. Data sent or provided to our systems is subject to monitoring, recording, logging, and analysis as detailed within this document. By connecting to our system, you agree to allow to record, log, or monitor your connection to this computer system per our posted policies. Data collected may include: received data packets, login attempts, e-mails, form submissions, connection attempts, headers, non-personal routing information (IP Addresses), and all other information transmitted to our servers via electronic connection.

Physical Data Security
Part of the PCI-DSS standard is physical data security. All of our systems and documents are secured from unauthorized viewing and access. We have a strict data control, retention, and destruction policy – so you can rest assured NONE of your personal information will end up in the hands of ANY unauthorized parties, or removed from our premises and control for any reason. In our industry, our security standards are second to none.
Al Hannah does not outsource any data handling procedures. All processing and handling of your personal information must adhere to our strict in-house security & privacy policies.

If you have any questions about our privacy/security policies, feel free to e-mail us .

For additional information on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, please visit
Security Resources for Home Users
While we do our absolte best to secure your personal information at our end, your information’s security also needs to be secured at your home computer. Our IT Security staff will gladly provide you with information on free resources which will assist home users in securing their computers. The resources our staff can direct you to are free of charge, and very easy to obtain. Please e-mail or call for further information.