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Color Matching

Due to differences in computer hardware, colors may not always look alike when viewed on two different computers. This is a very common problem that can be fustrating to the customer and the store. In order to provide better color matching, we have prepared this tool to help you receive a better view of the colors we present.
Color CalibrationAt Al Hannah, we have calibrated our monitors to display the following image correctly. This image is what is generally called a “calibration” image. Each box contains a solid color, and the white-to-black stripe at the bottom of the image has a different shade at equal intervals.
In order for proper presentation, you can adjust your monitor until the picture appears correctly. For most monitors that are working correctly, you should only need to adjust your brightness and contrast. If you have changed color warmth and coolness settings, you will need additional adjustments.

Once your monitor has been adjusted to view this image correctly, your on-screen pictures will color-match our studio displays accurately.

Instructions: Scroll down so the image displays on your screen. Use the color key below the image to match the proper colors to what you see on your screen. General “Fine-Tuning” settings are provided below the color key.

Calibration Boxes Image 

GreyPure YellowPure CyanPure GreenPure MagentaPure RedPure Blue
Pure BluePure BlackPure MagentaPure BlackPure CyanPure BlackGrey
Pure White to Pure Black color bar : This bar contains 26 cells, each is a different shade. The first cell is pure white, the last cell is pure black. Your screen should show 26 different boxes with a slight difference between each box.


Fine settings :

Please disregard these settings if you are unfamiliar with them.

Red : 255 Green : 197 Blue : 206
Warmth Settings: Cool (lower/mid K value)