Closed White Hajj Abaya

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Perfect in any weather. Our traditional closed abaya is made from the same high quality, breathable, poly blend georgette fabric worn by women in Gulf states. This classic closed style abaya features an attached headband that ties behind the head and secures the abaya at the forehead to keep it in place. The length of garment is crafted from a single piece of quality georgette fabric. A well made closed abaya--slipping is minimal due to the quality fabric and design. Please note: this is a traditional closed abaya and therefore has no closures such as buttons or velcro, but rather is held in place by tying in place around the head. This abaya is good for those looking for serious coverage, and works well with a niqab (not included.) This abaya is an excellent choice for Hajj or for daily use during prayer or at the Masjid. Since this is intended as an overgarment, clothing and a hijab must be worn underneath (not included.) Imported. Lengths available from 64 to 72.

Garment Measurements

Bust: 54
Length: 64-72
Size should be selected by length.

Suggested sizing is as follows based upon your height:

Your HeightAbaya Length
5ft 2 in - 5 ft 4 in60 inches
5ft 4 in - 5 ft 6 in62 inches
5ft 6 in - 5 ft 8 in64 inches
5ft 8 in - 5 ft 10 in66 inches
5ft 10 in - 6 ft68 inches
6ft - 6 ft 2 in70 inches